Best Places To Sail In Victoria

There is nothing more satisfying, relaxing, and exciting than sailing in Victoria – a smart choice indeed for families going out for a holiday, celebrating occasions and momentous events. Out of the many sailing destinations around the state of Victoria is Gippsland.

Gippsland offers vast stretches of rivers and lakes to discover mountain streams perfect for fishing, secluded beaches, and breathtaking coastal parks. Take a break in portside towns to enjoy land trips like picnicking activities, dining out in great and sumptuous restaurants, or going all out on their excellent pubs.

Boating Options

You will be given different options when sailing in Gippsland:

  • You can bring your own boat if you wish and you will be provided with public jetties, boat storage and launching ramps
  • There are accommodation businesses around that offer their guests private jetty berthing – Captain’s Cove, Bellevue, Edgewater Terraces and more
  • There are also available cruisers, day boats or charter yachts in the area, or you can sign up for an available day cruise

Choose which one of the available sailing options is the most comfortable and convenient for you. On the other hand, boating license is a must for almost all boat operators. Person chartering or hiring a boat might be exempted.

Destinations that You Must See

Going on a Gippsland Lakes journey will let you enjoy stunning the scenery of these waterways:

Sail the Mitchell and Nicholson Rivers and Tambo, and pick the best fishing spot during your travels. The cliff regions of Mitchell and Tambo are above all charming. Separating the Bass Strait from Hoptoun Channel is the Barrier Landing, where you can get the chance of meeting their local boaties.

Channel Side is where you can discover a great beach and a public jetty, and where you can take a 2 minute of walk to reach the Ninety Mile Beach. Manoeuvre into the redeveloped remarkable Port of Sale to enjoy high-quality restaurants and cultural entertainment along the harbour.

Sperm Whale Head and Rotamah Island have barbecue, public jetties, and available walking tracks with an abundance of native animals and birdlife. You also have to watch out for Bunga Arm, which shows off stunning sunsets.

Connecting Wellington and Lake Victoria is McLennans Straits. McLennans Straits is a soothingly flowing channel that offers enormous wetlands, good fishing, and exceptional bird life. Going down the coastline is the Mallacoota, a tranquil environment that has many secluded spots to those who want it more intimate, private and romantic.

There are just so many destinations, scenic spots and activities to explore in Gippsland, hence take advantage of the time you are in the area and make the most out of your long-awaited sailing experience.