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  • Encompassed with pristine reef, Antigua includes a sensational coastline of white sandy shorelines and harbours. The shores draw in mariners for the Sailing Week which is a universal occasion. It is likewise one of the sunniest islands in the Caribbean, with a summery climate throughout the entire year and next to no rain.

  • Being the second biggest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a long drift and various sandy shorelines. The nature is flexible and stays lasting through the year exercises: horseback riding, cruising, even skiing in winter. It has the perfect weather for sailing. The blue waters are the best for sailing.


  • Lake Garda arranged in the alpine district, shaped by the glaciers, encompassed with well-known urban areas like Verona, Venice and Milan, Garda is the biggest lake in Italy. Various memorable towns are scattered along the shoreline and furnish guests with the comfortable eateries, spa focuses, lodgings and noteworthy design. Sailing and windsurfing are among the most well-known exercises here. Sailing in Garda is one of the most often practised exercises.


  • The great Navagio shoreline on the north-west shore of the island is extraordinarily wonderful. The white sandy shoreline and clear blue water are joined by the lofty limestone bluffs, that segregate the shoreline and make it pretty isolate. The most ideal approach to arrive is by sailing. Cause its isolated it’s the best place to sail. The sea becomes all to yourself.



  • It is regarded a jewel of the historically and culturally significant Dalmatian islands, scattered in the Adriatic Sea. Since antiquity Hvar has been an important port for the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. Versatile history is present in numerous architectural monuments, that attracts not only curious tourists, but scientists, historians and archaeologists as well. Probably the most crystal water as you can get. Also, the harbour and facilities will make your trip easy and comfortable.


  • Capri, Italy is an Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea which has various little shorelines around its coast. Which are filled with little smooth stones. Some extends of the coast include very huge rocks, projecting from warm completely clear water. Sailing on the boat to the coast is a common event here. Capri is an exciting island, known for it sumptuous estates, soak slopes and Limoncello. Regardless of the costly way of life kept up here, there is a considerable measure of free beaches for every one of the visitors who visit the island.


  • Corsica, France attracts a lot of sailors because of its mild climate, mountainous landscape and amazing coastline. As it does not have any extreme climate it is the best place to sail. It’s a cruiser’s paradise for sure!