There are a few things in life that a person undoubtedly learns outside a classroom. Textbooks can teach you a lot but some things are best learned while experiencing rather than being taught at a stationary point in a brightly light fluorescent room with 30 other people. Travelling can provide one with unmatched education and understanding of the world that you just can’t get otherwise. You’ll be catching flights and buses, looking for short term accommodation central coast, trying different cuisines and so much more. Here are 5 reasons why travel can be one of the best teachers in your life;

Learning about other cultures

Nothing beats learning about foreign and exotic cultures but experiencing them first hand. How people behave, what people do, what drives humans, what makes them react a certain way – travelling provides you with a better understanding of an individual’s perspective that’s different from you. And somewhere amongst that understanding, you realize that your truth is not necessarily their truth.

History in embodiment

Visiting historical monuments in person comes in a whole different league as compared to reading about them. Imagine standing in the middle of the Colosseum, where gladiators fought to death and men battled for glory. Seeing these places in person brings a whole lot of impact to how you perceive and understands things that you just can’t achieve by getting that information remotely.

Learning to find similarities among the differences

This is one of the most important things that travelling teaches you, that us human beings are more similar than we are different. Despite the differences and disparities in the world, there are still elements that bind us as one. With this understanding comes respect and gratitude for other cultures as well as individual human beings. And in a troublesome world, we could all use some of that.

Foreign Languages

This is another little perk that comes along with travelling. The more places you travel to, the more access and opportunity you have to learn new and exotic languages. You can speak to locals and natives and get to learn things you otherwise would have missed out on. Not to mention, your life becomes easier. Imagine going to a small European city and struggling to get your point across at a car rental. With learning of languages, the world opens up and starts becoming more accessible with better communication so it’s always a plus point to catch up on a few foreign languages during your travels.

Growth amidst adventures

Most of all, travelling makes one grow as a human being. It helps you add more structure and credibility to your character and with a better understanding of the world, provides you with a better sense to approach it. You try things you’re never done before, your mind becomes more open and prone to accepting things and people different from you. With new adventures, comes new appreciation for life!